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Stop Saying, Start your Freelance Writing Career Today

Time after time I hear from people who say they are going to start a freelance writing career “any day now.” But guess what? I will hear from these same people months later telling me that they have yet to make any progress. Listen up: if you are ever going to be a successful freelance writer you need to take the leap and get started. Sure, there is risk involved and it can be scary, but in the long run you can never earn money unless you actually get started.

What are some of the main reasons for procrastinating? As mentioned above, many aspiring writers are afraid of what the future may hold. More specifically, they are afraid that they will fail and their dream of being a writer will die. If this is something that is holding you back, you need to find a way to forge ahead. Remember, there are going to be tough times and failures no matter what career path you choose. Just because you fail early on as a freelance writer does not mean that your entire career is doomed. In fact, there is something wrong if you are never running into obstacles.

If you constantly find yourself talking about becoming a freelance writer but never move forward, you have to ask yourself whether or not this is something that you really want. You may be excited about working for yourself in a field that you enjoy, but do you truly want to make the sacrifices and changes necessary to become a successful freelance writer? If you cannot confidently answer yes, you may not be cut out to become a writer at this time.

For those who truly want to work as a freelance writer, get started today. Decide that you are ready to make the leap, and begin to take the proper steps without delay. Remember, you do not have to move forward at a high rate of speed. As long as you are making progress towards your end goal, you will reach the pinnacle soon enough. You do not have to rush to become a freelance writer, but if you want to join this industry, you do need to get started.

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