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Spread out Small Freelance Writing Projects

In order to make small, lower paying freelance writing projects worth your while, you may want to consider spreading them out over the course of a week or two. When I first started my career as a freelance writer, this is not something that I wanted to do. Instead, every project I received, I would try to send back to the client as soon as possible. Over time, I found out that this was not the best option.

Here is a rundown of what I do when I receive an inquiry from a client for what I deem a “small” project.

1. Ask for exact details including the size and nature of the job, while also quoting a price. Obviously, this information is needed so that I can accurately classify the size.

2. After processing all of the information, I give the client a timeframe for completion that suits my “spread it out” style. In most cases I do not receive any resistance from the client for taking a few extra days.

3. I draw up a schedule for completing the job over the course of a week or two. This allows me to put a little bit of time into the project each day. In other words, it helps to ensure that smaller projects do not bog me down.

Take this situation for example. I was recently offered a job writing 10, 300 word articles at $10/each. This is far from being a high paying job, but why turn it down? Based on the steps above, I accepted the job but told the client that it would take five business days to get the work back to them. This allows me to write two articles per day over the course of the week. Since it will only take me about 10 to 15 minutes per article, it works out to no more than 30 minutes out of my day. Personally, I would rather take 30 minutes per day for five days than 2.5 hours all at once.

In the end, I will receive $100 for what is only a maximum of 30 minutes of work per day, for five days. By spreading out smaller freelance writing projects in this manner, it will allow you to accept more work and earn more money. 


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