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Spend Time Helping your Freelance Writing Clients

Many of my freelance writing clients turn to me for much more than content. They want me to lend advice on how to use the content, while also helping them to stay on track as the months go by. Although I do not charge extra for consulting work, I have had many clients send me a few hundred dollars for my help. I consider this a free bonus because I do not have any qualms with helping any of my clients. If they want my help outside of writing, I am more than glad to assist in any way possible.

You should definitely spend time helping your freelance writing clients if they ask. While I do not feel comfortable charging for consulting services, you may want to make this a big part of your business. Believe it or not, if you begin to sell yourself as a consultant there are a lot of people that will pay you. Just remember, there is a lot that goes into this. When you charge clients you will have a lot more pressure to provide concrete and valuable information. 

What are the benefits of helping clients with tasks outside of writing content? First off, they will see you as an all around good worker and nice person. When you are seen in this light, a client is less likely to move in another direction. In other words, this can go a long way in helping with job security.

Additionally, when you offer consulting services you can show that you are more than just a good writer. Once again, this makes you much more valuable to the client; especially if you are not charging any extra money.

Finally, taking the time to help is the right thing to do. When I do not know how to do something, I love it when a professional gives me advice and walks me through the process. By being able to help clients, it allows them to move forward with their business, and makes me feel good by making a difference.

If a freelance writing client asks for help, never turn them down. Sure, your main job is to write content, but remember that you are a professional with a lot of knowledge to offer. 

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