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Spend Time at Beyond the Rhetoric

Beyond the Rhetoric is the official blog of fellow freelance writer Michael Kwan. When I first started working on my blog over a year ago, it was Beyond the Rhetoric that showed me the way. Although Kwan strays away from freelance writing topics more than me, this is one of the details that make his blog so great. Although it is not my style, I personally enjoy when other bloggers break away from content on their main topic to discuss other areas that they enjoy.

There are several reasons that Beyond the Rhetoric is one of my favorite freelance writing blogs:

1. Kwan offers information that is backed up by real life experience. From what I can gather, he spends most of his time writing on “tech” related topics. While this is not my cup of tea, it is obvious that he does quite well in this niche. It is always nice to take advice from bloggers who are achieving a high level of success, and can offer anecdotes from their personal career.

2. After reading a few posts at Beyond the Rhetoric you will agree that Kwan’s writing style is smooth and simple to follow. Once again, this makes for an enjoyable experience when reading one of his posts. As you can tell from my blog, I prefer simple, easy to read content; and this is just what Kwan delivers.

If you enjoy my blog, you will definitely benefit from signing up for the Beyond the Rhetoric RSS feed.

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