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Should I take work related calls on the Weekends?

When you work as a freelance writer you are tied to your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are anything like me you probably think about your job a lot – even on the weekends. Whether or not you work on the weekends, in any capacity, is up to you. In the early days of my career I was always at my desk on Saturday and Sunday. Recently, this has died down a bit.

Do you ever receive calls from clients on the weekends? This is something I have come to expect over the years. Believe it or not, a lot of people work on Saturday and Sunday and want to be able to speak with you during that same time period. You have to make a decision on if you are going to make yourself available.

While I never plan my weekend around receiving a call, unless the client tells me in advance, I am willing to answer the phone if available. After all, showing that you care about the client and helping them when possible will only make your relationship stronger. Of course, you may need to draw the line somewhere. Unless you are working a full day the last thing you want to do is answer call after call.

It is not easy for me to give advice on this subject. Some freelancers love working on the weekends, but others will not do this no matter what it means for their career. Where do you fit in? Do you ever take work related calls on the weekends?

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