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Should I Just Dive into a Freelance Writing Career?

Are you thinking about starting a freelance writing career? Anybody who has ever been in this position is well aware of how difficult the decision can be. On one side you probably want to dive in and get started. But on the other side, you may have a voice telling you that you should not rush because of all the potential mistakes that could harm you. Where do you fit in?

Whether or not you suck it up and dive into a freelance writing career is up to you. Some people do this with success, others fail, and many never take the leap because of their fear. It is not up to me or anybody else to make this decision for you.

When I started my freelance writing career I was very confident that success would follow soon enough. That being said, there were people around me who were not so sure. Remember, this is not your typical career. When you tell somebody that you are going to work for yourself you are sure to run into some resistance. Did I let this slow me down? No. I knew this was my decision, and looking back it is easy to see that I made the right one. Even if I would have failed as a freelance writer I would have been happy that I gave it a try.

You have to be smart about when and how you start your freelance writing career. Whether or not you dive in without thinking twice is your decision, but it has to be based on common sense. If you are trying to support a family you need to make sure that your freelance writing income will be able to pay the bills, etc. As you can imagine, aspiring freelance writers with no obligations are in a much better position.

Hopefully this blog post shows you that you are in charge of your freelance writing career. Are you ready to dive in? Or are you going to think about this a bit longer? The decision is yours. Take your time to ensure that you make the right one. 

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