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Quick Freelance Writing Tip #2

If you are a freelance writer, it is safe to say that you rely on the internet day in and day out. Personally, when I do not have internet access, I begin to go through withdrawals. Although my ISP is reliable most of the time, every so often I am without access for a few hours.

Since you never know when your internet could go down, make sure that you always have a backup plan. For me, this consists of trying to stay ahead of all my work by at least one day. Why is this a good idea? Take for instance a project that may be due on Tuesday. If you complete it on Monday, you do not have to worry about rushing things on the due date. There would be nothing worse than needing to send the completed work to the client, but not being able to access your email. If you are ahead of yourself by at least one day, you can usually afford a brief outage without stressing too much.

Although technology and the internet are great, it can be frustrating when you lose access. As somebody who relies on the internet 12 hours per day on average, it is important to have access all day, everyday.

The bottom line: make sure that you never put yourself in a position where an internet outage could cause you a major problem with a client. Instead, try to stay ahead of your work. If for some reason you lose access for an extended period of time, you can always phone clients who are expecting to hear from you. 

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