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Pros and Cons of Payment by Check

There are many ways to get paid as a freelance writer. The ones that I am most familiar with are PayPal, bank wire, and check. Many freelancers do not like to be paid by check, but I have found this to be quite popular among many clients. Even though there are both pros and cons of payment by check, I usually don’t have any problem with this.


1. You don’t have to pay any sort of fees. When I receive payment via PayPal or bank wire I have to pay a fee. Even though it is only a few dollars here and there, it does add up over the course of the month. In fact, there are some months when I pay more than $200 in fees. This is the cost of doing business, so I don’t fret over it. That being said, with payment by check this never comes into play.

2. It is a simple process. Receiving a check is easy to do. Tell your client who to make the check out to and your address, and you will receive payment in a few days. This is easier when compared to other options, such as a bank wire, which requires bank account information.


1. It is not instant. Unlike PayPal and bank wires, payment by check takes a little bit more time. Of course, the mail is pretty quick in the United States. Even clients on the other side of the country can usually get me a check within three days. But all in all, you still have to wait.

2. You have to go to the bank to deposit the money. This is not a huge disadvantage, but something that you will have to do when you receive payment by check. With PayPal and bank wires the money arrives in your account without ever having to leave home; many freelance writers love this.

There are pros and cons of payment by check. Even though you may not like this payment option as much as the others, you should never turn it down. It is better to get paid by check than not at all.


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