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Possible Freelance Writing Projects

Did you know that there is more to freelance writing than online content and feature articles for magazines? Many aspiring writers think that those are the only two types of projects that they can take on. While web content and feature articles are fun and plentiful, there are other options to consider. Remember, the more projects that you are open to the better chance you have of increasing your income.

So what are some of the other types of freelance writing projects that are available? While it would be difficult to list them all, here are a few: annual reports, brochures, business plans, direct mail letters, film scripts, newsletters, press releases, sales letters, speeches, technical writing, and television commercials. Even though this is a detailed list, it is far from being complete. There are many other freelance writing projects that you may be able to take advantage of.

While it is important to narrow down your list of offerings, you want to be careful as to not back yourself into a corner. Sure, you may love writing sales letters, but if you only take on these projects you may have a hard time finding enough work to build a steady income. It is much better to choose several types of freelance writing projects as opposed to one. In other words, get good at many types of projects.

When I started my freelance writing career I had no idea what type of projects I wanted to concentrate on. Like most aspiring writers, I was simply looking for work. Over time I began to get a better idea as to what jobs were the easiest to secure, and of course, which ones I liked the best. This eventually shaped my opinion on each type of project, and pushed me towards a select few. With that being said, I am still willing to try new projects if the price and time are right.

If you have the chance, you should complete every type of project listed above at least once. This is easier said than done, but by doing this you will definitely get a better feel for what you like and dislike.

Now that you know that there is more to freelance writing than the web and feature articles, you should be able to expand your offerings and workload. As your career moves forward, begin to narrow down your services as to become an expert within your specialties.

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