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Planning a Blog Contest

Over the past few hours I have found out that planning a blog contest is not an easy task. In fact, it is downright difficult to say the least. I have been slaving over every last detail this afternoon, and to be truthful, I have yet to make any progress. Sure, I have some ideas floating around in my head, but no definite direction has separated from the pack as of yet.

So what troubles have I run into thus far? Here are two of the biggest:

1. As you can imagine, for a blog contest to be successful you need to give away something that readers will want. Should I offer a hot item such as a Nintendo Wii? Or should I stick to a service that will not cost me any money? Right now, I am leaning towards a tangible object; something that readers will crave.

2. What should the entrance requirements look like? It would be easy enough to allow readers to enter by leaving a comment, but at the same time it could be more beneficial to require a backlink or something of the sort. Obviously, asking for something like a backlink could scare some people away.

So for now, I have yet to come up with the final details of my first blog contest. But if all goes well, it is on its way soon enough. Stay posted, and maybe you will be the big winner; no matter what prize I decide on!

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4 Comments »BloggingJuly 15th, 2007

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