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PageRank 3

A couple weeks ago I made a post on the predicted PageRank of ChrisBlogging. At the time, I used several tools to predict this number, and most of them were showing that I would obtain a PageRank of 4. While these tools were close, they were not accurate. This past Saturday I learned that I obtained a PageRank of 3. Am I disappointed with this? Absolutely not!

For a blog that is only five months old, I am quite happy with a PageRank of 3. In fact, this is even with many of the “big name” bloggers who are earning hundreds of dollars per month with their blog. And with that being said, some of the best pro bloggers out there only have a PageRank of 4.

As you have probably read, Google decreased the PageRank of many well known blogs. Some have speculated that the reason for this is selling links, whereas others feel that this has nothing to do with it. Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to this. As I mentioned before, I do not put much time or effort into thinking about my PageRank. It is nice that it increased and I am now on par with some bigger blogs, but even then, I am not sure that it will do much for me.

Now that ChrisBlogging has a PageRank of 3 instead of 0, I should be able to ask more of advertisers when I begin to offer advertising space upon releasing my new design. Also, some readers have emailed me and mentioned that search engine traffic is sure to increase with a higher PageRank. Hopefully, they are right to a certain degree.

So, how were your blogs affected by the latest PageRank update? Did you see an increase, or did Google slap you on the wrist?

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13 Comments »BloggingOctober 29th, 2007

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