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Organization is Essential to Freelance Writers

No matter the situation, I have always been an organized person. This has worked out well, because as a freelance writer, organization is essential. When it comes down to it, the more organized you are the more efficient you are going to become. This means that you will be able to complete more work, and of course, cut back on the headaches and stress that go along with clutter.

How do you organize your freelance writing business? I do this both electronically and on paper. For instance, all of my invoices and payment data is kept on my computer. This allows me to find what I am looking for, and also make changes and updates quickly and accurately. At the same time, I keep a lot of these same records in a filing cabinet as well. I print out all of my PayPal invoices and always make sure that I file bank statements and other important documents.

As far as my day to day work is concerned, I stay organized by keeping a sticky note next to my keyboard. On this note, I include a list of projects that need to be completed on that day, as well as some tasks that I would like to get to if possible. During my first few months as a freelance writer, I kept track of my projects via email. Soon enough I had too much work to continue with this method, so I began to write down everything to ensure that nothing gets missed.

If you are not an organized person by nature, you need to make sure that your freelance writing career is an exception. It may not seem like a big deal, but as your business grows, staying organized is a key component to your success. 

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