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Offer Services in Addition to Writing

Every so often, I speak with freelance writers who earn additional income through other business ventures. Although I am not the type to stray too far from the writing industry, there are several opportunities that present themselves time after time.

What types of services can you offer in addition to writing?

1. For one reason or the next, many freelance writers also dabble in photography. And from the ones that I have met, they are quite good at what they do. This is something that I have considered in the past, but up to this point have yet to move forward. Several years ago I took a few photography classes and fell in love with this creative activity. Unfortunately, I have yet to look into this because my freelance writing workload has been so heavy.

2. Blogging and freelance writing are natural partners. If you like to write there is a good chance that you will like to blog. As you can tell, this is something that I enjoy. Since starting this blog over a year ago, I have only missed posting on one day (from what I can remember).

3. In addition to ghost blogging for others, you can offer to manage blogs as well. I do this for many clients, and find it to be a lot of fun. What goes into managing a blog? This all depends on who you are working with, but it can include anything from uploading new posts and images to marketing and building a community.

By offering services in addition to writing, you will be able to increase your income while also adding some diversification to your life. Although I have yet to make any major leaps in this area, you never know what the rest of the year will bring. 

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