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Newsletter Freelance Writing

As I have mentioned in the past, there are an endless amount of freelance writing opportunities for you to look into. If you have never considered writing newsletters, you may want to consider this option. Believe it or not, a lot of companies both big and small have a newsletter that they send out to employees, clients, etc. With that being said, not every company has the time, money, and skills to properly put together a high quality newsletter; this is where you come into play.

Right now, I write all of the copy for a monthly newsletter for a company within the health insurance industry. I must admit that this was a difficult job to get used to at first. After all, I had to write about the going-ons within the company, but of course, I was not in the office everyday. Over time I began to settle into what I was best at writing, as well as what the client was looking for. Now, this is one of the projects that I look forward to the most each month.

Believe it or not, writing one newsletter a month can be a lot of work. Although I am only responsible for six pages of the letter, this is still quite time consuming. Imagine if you were to land a gig in which you had to write a 20 page newsletter each month; I have a few friends who are in this position.

Researching and writing newsletters may be a lot of work, but these projects can be quite lucrative. Although you could charge by the word, for newsletters I prefer to quote a per project fee instead. For the most part, every client I have had of this nature has also preferred the per project method.

If you want to get started with newsletter freelance writing, begin to get in touch with local companies. Remember, they do not have to be big in order to have a company newsletter. In fact, smaller companies are often times your best bet because they will need an outsider to handle this task from them. This is the case because nobody on staff has the time to devote to such a project.

All in all, newsletter freelance writing can be both profitable and fun. It is a safe bet that there are plenty of companies in your city that need help in this area. 

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