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My Own Free Post Level Ads

Text Link Ads recently released a new feature which allows bloggers to sell post level ads to interested advertisers. According to their website, post level ads will be exclusive to one advertiser, offering up to a 150 letter description, and will be positioned directly at the end of posts.

Since I am not quite ready to monetize this blog, I have come up with an idea of my own. I am going to include post level “ads” at the end of posts, but for now, there are two catches. First off, they are not going to cost any money! Sounds like a good deal, right? Additionally, I am going to choose the featured site at the end of each post. In other words, they cannot be bought; just yet at least.

At this time, my goal is to offer other blogs more exposure as opposed to trying to make money. This is why I am not charging for these ads, and instead making the decision on what to include based on my own personal decision.

So how am I going to choose what blog to feature? Better yet, how long will the ad stay in place?

1. I am going to choose the blog based on what I come across during my daily readings. For the most part, the blog that I feature will be related to the content of my post in some way, shape, or form.

2. The ad will stay in place forever! Even though the post will begin to drop down as each day goes by, the ad will always be on my blog. So obviously, this is a bit of link love that could help in the long run. In many cases, I may place the same ad on several posts.

I am going to start using these ads in my next post; which will probably be later today or tomorrow. To be fair, and to offer some fun to my readers, the first person to comment on this post will get the first post level ad. After that, I will make the decision on my own with each post! 

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10 Comments »Blogging, Text Link AdsAugust 27th, 2007

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