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My New Blog:

A couple weeks ago I got started a new project, I decided to start another blog; this time based on the work at home industry. As you probably know, millions of people either work from home or are interested in moving in this direction. Although there are many blogs based around this topic, after doing my research it is obvious that there is plenty of room for more high quality information.  

Why a blog on working at home?

1. The economy is bad. For this reason, more people are interested in taking their career into their own hands. To go along with this, quite a few Americans are being pushed into a new career because they were recently laid off. What better way to take control of your career than to work for yourself? Since I have more than five years experience working from home I figured I could lend some insight on everything from getting started to setting goals and much more.

2. A lot of people say they want to work from home, but never get started because it is either “too much work” or there “isn’t enough help out there.” It is my goal to help interested work at home professionals get past whatever is holding them back. Starting a work at home career is not impossible with the right information. I hope to offer this.

3. I know a lot about working from home! As a freelance writer I work from home day in and day out. Over the years I have learned a lot about what it takes to get started, succeed, and maintain a successful work at home career. Hopefully this experience will rub off on my readers, and help them reach all of their goals.

Top Posts, so far

Although the blog has only been active and live for a few weeks I have already added some great “pillar posts.” To get a better idea of the content behind take a look at the following posts:

My Work at Home Story

Why Decide to Work at Home?

How to Start your Work at Home Career

Popular Work at Home Careers

For two years I have been interacting with my audience here at It has been a pleasure, and I hope that many of you will take the time to join me at as well. If you get the time, check out my new blog and let me know what you think. And of course, I would greatly appreciate it if you would also subscribe to my RSS feed and/or opt to receive updates via email. is already bringing in a bit of traffic here and there, and I hope it will become a success, just like this blog, soon enough. Hope to see many of you guys and gals both here and there!

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