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My Blogging to-do List

For me, one of the most essential components of a successful blog is being organized. And by being organized I mean keeping a to-do list. I have a list for anything related to my blogging or freelance writing work. While these lists never stay the same due to a varying work load, they are always next to my computer no matter what.

My blogging to-do list is nothing special. Generally speaking, at the end of each work day I write my blogging tasks for the next day on a sticky note. There are two details that I always include as well as some extras that change from time to time.

1. Topic ideas for the posts that I want to write the next day. It is important for me to have topics in mind a day in advance as opposed to thinking them up on the spot. This not only helps the quality of my content, but also ensures that I do not have a run in with a bout of writer’s block.

2. The times that I want to add my blog posts. As you can imagine, this can change based on my freelance writing work and many other variables. Even though I could probably do without this reminder, it helps to keep me on track. Since I have to work in blogging around my freelance writing work, it is always nice to have a “set time” each day that I can devote to this.

Some of the variables that are often added to my to-do list include: marketing efforts, replying to emails and comments, researching new monetization methods, etc.

It is safe to say that I take things to an extreme when it comes to being organized. But this is only because I have found it difficult to stay on track with my blog if my work is not scheduled.

Do you think I am overdoing it? Do you have a blogging to-do list?

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7 Comments »BloggingAugust 15th, 2007

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