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More Experience Equals Success

Experience is a good thing when it comes to your freelance writing career. As the years go by you will find that more experience almost always translates into more success. There are many ways that this happens:

1. Experience makes you a better writer. The other day I was looking over a few feature articles I wrote many years ago. And while they were okay, it is easy to see just how far my writing skills have come. The more you write the better off you will be.

2. Better client communication. Experience definitely helps when it comes to communicating with clients. Many of the students in my course are always asking about what to say to clients, how to react if a client become upset, etc. This is something that you simply have to learn as you move forward. When I started as a freelance writer I was not the best communicator. But soon enough I was learning what to say to clients, as well as how and when to contact them.

3. Experience translates into marketing success. Early on in your career you will probably try many different marketing methods. But soon enough you will learn which methods bring success, and which ones are nothing more than a waste of your time.
4. Over time you will begin to make friends. I have met a lot of other writers, while also becoming close with many clients. As a freelance writer it is a great joy to make new friends. After all, it can be lonely to work at home.

I strongly believe that the longer you stay in the freelance writing industry the more success you will have. The experiences you go through on a daily basis will turn you into a better writer as well as a more efficient businessman. The four points above are proof of that.

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