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Make the Most of your Workday

Time management is an important part of becoming a successful freelance writer. If you don’t know how to manage your time you may find yourself checking email and watching online videos when you should be writing. And as you can imagine, this will lead to many issues within your career. Simply put, you need to make the most of your workday. This holds true no matter how many hours you have available for work.

If you are finding it difficult to manage your time follow these tips:

1. Have a to-do list. Early in my freelance writing career I found it hard to stay on track because I did not have a list showing me the way. But guess what? Once I implemented a to-do list I became more productive. Everyday since then has been guided by some sort of list.

2. Cut out tasks that are wasting a lot of time. Do you spend too much time checking email? Are you always walking away from your desk to grab a bite to eat? If so, you need to cut these time wasters out of your day. Again, a schedule will allow you to do so with success. For instance, take breaks just like you would at an office job. But remember, when they are over they are over. You don’t want a 15 minute break to turn into a half hour and so on.

3. Complete the most important tasks of the day first. You need to prioritize to ensure that the most important projects and related tasks are completed first. From there you can move onto others that are not as high on your list.

As a freelance writer you only have so much time to work. Even if you are a full-time writer you probably only have eight or so hours each day to get your work done. It is important that you make the most of every workday. 

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