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Luck as a Freelance Writer

Do the most successful freelance writers get lucky time after time? I have heard many people say this in the past, and receive a few emails each month suggesting that this is true. There are two ways of looking at this:

1. Some freelance writers are in the right place at the right time. For instance, you may make a cold call to a company the day that they fired their last freelance writer. As you can see, this is easy to write off as being lucky.

2. Luck is something that you make on your own. Sticking with the above example, if the writer wouldn’t have taken the initiative to make a call they never would have landed the client. In this way of looking at things the freelance writer made his own luck.

How do you feel about luck as a freelance writer? I tend to agree more with the second example above. Sure, luck plays a small part in a successful career, but I strongly believe that you can make your own breaks. If you sit back and wait to get lucky you are not going to get very far. But if you have a quality marketing plan that you follow you are well on your way to generating luck.

I have had a few good breaks along the way, and am confident that this will continue well into the future. Not because I am the lucky type, but because I work hard. If you work hard you are going to make your own breaks.

The best advice I can give on this subject is forget about relying on luck. Instead, turn yourself into a success by working hard day in and day out. You have to stop using the excuse that other freelance writers are lucky, and that is why they are landing gigs and making a lot of money. It is time to generate your own luck and big breaks! 

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