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Long Weekends can clear your Mind as a Freelance Writer

One thing I have learned over my years as a freelance writer is that there is always a lot going on. Sure, I write a lot, but at the same time I am also responsible for everything from sending invoices to cashing checks to keeping track of my taxes. As you can imagine this can be quite tiresome at times. For this reason a long weekend is needed every so often. Not only does this help clear my mind, but when I get back to work I am refreshed and ready to tackle every project in front of me.

Since Thanksgiving was this past Thursday I had the chance to take advantage of a long weekend. While I worked a few hours here and there it was nothing too much. Instead I simply answered emails, made a few blog posts, and stayed in touch with some clients. Even though I love my job I wanted to take a long weekend in order to clear my mind and give my body a break. After all, it can be difficult to write hour after hour, day after day. Fun yes, but difficult at times as well.

When was the last time you took a long weekend? Most of my “freelance writing friends” did the same as me this past weekend. Turning a holiday, such as Thanksgiving, into a long weekend is a great idea. The reason for this is simple: most of your clients are probably doing the same. This means that you probably won’t have to worry about something coming up, or missing out on a request. You don’t always have to take your long weekends over the holidays, but this is definitely something to consider.

There may be many ways to clear your mind as a freelance writer, but taking a long weekend is one of the best. If this is something you have neglected yourself of this year why not consider taking an extra day or so in December? This is a great time of the year for long weekends thanks to plenty of holidays.

Are you going to take an extra day or continue working yourself into the ground? As somebody who has tried both I strongly suggest that you take a step back to clear your mind.

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