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Learning about Freelance Writing

A lot of my blog posts go into depth about how to start a freelance writing career, how to market your services, how much money you can earn, and other similar topics. Sometimes I forget that there are more basic things to think about; especially for those who are starting a freelance writing career. For instance, learning about the many details of freelance writing is very important. You are never too old or too experienced to learn. I have been a freelance writer for many years, and I still take the time to learn as much as possible.

Learning about freelance writing is relatively easy. I found this out as I was starting my own career. Here are three things that I did:

1. I used the internet as much as possible. Anytime I had a question about freelance writing, no matter what it was, I turned to the internet to find an answer. This led me to many quality websites and blogs, as well as others who I am still friends with today. The internet is the place to turn when you have questions about freelance writing.

2. Books. Even though there is tons of information available online, you don’t want to overlook the hundreds of good freelance writing books that are out there. Even though this means spending some money, it is for the advancement of your career.

3. Talk to other freelance writers. I have said this many times over. You have to speak with others who know more about the industry. When I was starting out as a freelance writer I had a few “mentors” who would answer my questions, point me in the right direction, etc. Do whatever it takes to find somebody who can help you in this capacity.

There are many ways to learn about freelance writing. The three ways above will allow you to take in information from day one.

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