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Lazy Freelance Writers won’t succeed

I think the title of this post pretty much says it all. Lazy freelance writers will find it difficult to succeed. There is really no margin for error in this area. If you are not willing to work hard you cannot expect big things. Unfortunately, a good work ethic is something that some people simply don’t have. And when you are working as a freelancer this will become quite obvious sooner rather than later.

I want to compare my job as a sales manager to my current position as a freelance writer to illustrate this point. When I had a steady paycheck it was easy to take a few hours off from time to time, or cut out early. This did not mean that I was lazy; it just meant that I knew the money was coming one way or the next. But as a freelance writer this is not the case. If I become lazy it means that I won’t find new clients, current clients will go elsewhere, and subsequently my income will drop like a brick. This alone should be reason enough to show you how important it is to work hard, day in and day out.

There is nothing wrong with having a “lazy day” from time to time. Everybody needs a break, and this can be good for you. What you need to be careful about is letting this turn into a habit. It feels good to be lazy sometimes, doesn’t it? Since this is the case, you may feel inclined to take time off and procrastinate more than you should. Once again, when this happens you are putting your entire career at risk.

There is no easy way of saying this: lazy freelance writers will not last very long. If you are going to become a freelance writer make sure that you are ready to work hard everyday of the week. It is this work ethic and determination that will allow you to succeed in every facet of your career.

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2 Comments »Freelance WritingSeptember 22nd, 2008

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