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Landing your First Client can be Difficult

I can still remember by first day as a freelance writer. I was scared of many things including not being able to find any clients. There is no denying that landing your first client can be difficult. It took me a week or so to find a client who was willing to do business with me. Fortunately, after that first client things began to speed up quite a bit.

If you are having a difficult time landing your first freelance writing client you should keep the following tips in mind:

1. Stay patient. Even though this is easier said than done, it is very important. If you get down on yourself and begin to give up you are never going to achieve success. You may get lucky and find a client on your first day as a freelance writer. Or you may have to work hard for a few weeks to achieve success. No matter what, stay patient and stick with what you are doing until something breaks your way.

2. Do not limit yourself on how you are attempting to find your first client. Some freelance writers only search online job boards. While this may work, they are missing out on other opportunities such as cold emailing, cold calling, bidding sites, etc. Be sure to keep all of your options open when it comes to your marketing plan.

What if nothing is working for me? How long should I wait before giving up once and for all? This is up to you. If nothing is working you need to make some changes. Again, don’t stick with one type of marketing if it is not working for you. Instead, change your approach to see what else is out there. It is your right to give up on your freelance writing career whenever you want. But remember, quitting now will only make it more difficult to jumpstart your career in the future.

Even though landing your first freelance writing client can be difficult, once you do so you will be off and running.  

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