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It is Important to Balance Work and Breaks

I strongly believe in taking breaks throughout the day. There used to be a time when I didn’t do this and soon enough I was burning out mentally and my wrists and arms were in pain. Since striking a balance between work and breaks my efficiency has skyrocketed. Not to mention the fact that my body feels better than ever as well.

Even though it may sound silly, you can cause great bodily harm if you do not take breaks throughout the day. When I was working hour after hour without a break my wrists, fingers, and elbows began to ache way more than usual. In fact, it got so bad at one point that I had to take a day off to regroup. As a freelance writer you need your hands and arms to be in good working condition at all times. After all, if you cannot type you are going to have a hard time becoming a success in this field.

Of course, breaks are good for your mind as well. There are times when I have to get away from my desk because my mind is racing with thoughts. If you are feeling bogged down and anxiety is closing in on you, the best thing you can do is take a break. Even though you may feel like you are wasting time, when you finally get back to work you will feel like a new man.

There is no denying that you need to work as much as you can during the day. I try to work eight hour days. Sometimes I work more, sometimes I work less, but this is what I strive for. To stay balanced I take several breaks including a longer one for lunch.

As you can see, it is very important to take enough breaks during the day to keep your body and mind fresh. Are you striking a good balance? Or do you need to make a change in this area of your career?

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