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Is your Freelance Writing Career Doomed?

Do you feel that your freelance writing career is in trouble? There are many situations that may make you feel this way. Fortunately, even if you feel that your career is doomed you can get out of this by making the right moves.

Below are three reasons why you may get the feeling that your career is in bad shape:

1. You are not seeing any growth. This is part of every freelance writer’s career. There will be times when you land new clients day after day and others periods when you hit a slump. You need to work hard to get through these tough times. Just because you are not landing new clients does not mean that your freelance writing career is doomed. If you are worried about this, continue to work harder than ever before at marketing your services.

2. You lost a client. No matter what you offer you are sure to lose clients. This happens to the best of us, and you are not going to be any different. It is very easy to get upset and angry if you lose a client. But guess what? Another one is waiting for you just around the bend. If you lose one client you have the ability to pick up another so that you never miss a beat.

3. A client is not happy with your work. I have had clients ask for revisions in the past. And I am sure that this is going to happen again in the future. If a client is unhappy with your work you should do what you can to address the problem, and then make sure that this does not happen again in the future.

Are you currently facing one of the above situations? If so, you may feel that your freelance writing is doomed. And while there is reason to feel bad, you need to continue forward and realize that a change for the better is on the horizon.

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