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Is Cold Emailing Effective?

In the past, I have talked a bit about how to market your services, find new clients, etc. Although I have never been one to use cold emailing in my freelance writing career, many readers have told me that I should give it a try. Personally, I have always thought that cold calling was a much better way to find clients. But since I have never given the email method a try, my assumption is a bit premature.

My main concern with cold emailing is that the recipient will think that I am nothing more than a spammer. Not only do I hate to find spam in my inbox, but it really slows me down due to the high volume of emails that I receive. How do some of you guys and gals get around this? Or don’t you worry if your recipient thinks of your mail as spam? Personally, the best way I can think to avoid this is to personalize the message as much as possible, including the subject line.

Over the next few weeks I am going to give cold emailing a try. If it works to my advantage, I will surely add it to my current marketing mix. On the other hand, if it is a complete failure or people begin to show displeasure with my unsolicited mail, I’ll back off.

In the meantime, if anybody has tips on how to achieve maximum success with cold emailing, leave a comment or send me a quick email. I promise I won’t call you a spammer! 

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6 Comments »Freelance WritingFebruary 17th, 2008

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