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Is $1/Word Possible?

As an aspiring freelance writer, you are probably interested in breaking into the “$1/word market” sooner rather than later. While it is difficult to find clients that pay in this range, they are out there. Believe it or not, some companies and publications pay in excess of $1/word. It would be nice if every client fell into this category, but that is wishful thinking.

If you are striving to break into this market, there are several things that you can do to help your cause. Here are four tips that should help you to earn $1/word or more soon enough.

1. Use a resource such as Writer’s Market in order to find publications that meet this pay scale. This is the best way to break into the $1/word market because you can see which publications offer this pay, and what exactly they are looking for. In my experience, this is the easiest way to break into higher paying markets. A simple query letter is all that stands between you and hitting it big!

2. You can always start at the bottom, and work your way up the ladder as time goes by. I have several clients that increase my pay-per-word as time goes by. While most of them started out by offering $.10 to $.15/word, many of them now pay more than $.50/word. By sticking with a client over the long haul, you may find that your pay will increase every so often.

3. To go along with number two, do not be afraid to ask for a pay increase when you think you deserve it. Many freelance writers increase their prices at the beginning of every year so that they have an “excuse” for doing so. This allows them to tell clients that their prices have gone up across the board, and hopefully talk them into doing the same.

4. New freelance writers are not going to find it easy to locate jobs that offer $1/word or more. You need to exercise patience when building your freelance writing career. It is common to start by writing for regional publications that pay $.05/word. But as your career and portfolio grow, it will be much easier for you to command higher rates.

Earning $1/word is possible. Many freelance writers balk at anything that pays less than this. Although I am not one of them, this is a mark that I strive to hit on a regular basis. When you begin to break into markets that pay $1/word, it is safe to say that you will be earning a solid freelance writing income.

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