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Invest in your Freelance Writing Career

Starting a freelance writing career means starting a business. For this reason, you need to be ready to invest from day one. If you are not serious about your business how can you expect clients to get on board and pay you for your work? Over the years I have found that the right mindset is important to overall success as a freelance writer.

There are two things you need to invest in your freelance writing career:

1. Time. If you are not willing to work long and hard you are probably going to fail as a freelance writer. In the beginning it will take a lot of your time to get up and running. Remember, you are in charge of everything from administrative tasks to marketing. And on top of everything, you never want to neglect your actual writing work. In the early days of my career I was putting in 10 to 12 hours at a time. While this may be a bit much, the more time you invest the more chance you have of succeeding.

2. Money. Although you do not have to invest much money to start a freelance writing career, there are some expenses that you are sure to face. For instance, many new writers are forced to purchase a computer, printer, and office supplies. Yes, these expenses can add up. The good thing is that you are not spending money just to do so. Instead, you are buying items that will help you better your career. This is anything but a waste of money.

No matter if you are a new freelance writer or have been around the block a few times, investing both time and money in your career is very important.

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