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Internet Business and Freelance Writing: Two Great Blogs

If you read this blog, chances are that you also read others that offer similar content. I wanted to offer up two more blogs that are sure to teach you quite a bit.

First off, check out Yaro Starak and his Internet Business Blog. He is an entrepreneur from Australia, and in my opinion, one of the top bloggers out there. Although he does not have the name recognition of some others, his blog takes a backseat to none. With over 4,500 RSS subscribers, Yaro must be doing something right.

Michael Kwan, a freelance writer and blogger, runs the blog Beyond the Rhetoric. As you can imagine, this is one of my favorites because we have similar career goals and interests. Michael has mentioned my blog several times, and recently gave my contest a plug as well.

Take the time to read these two blogs if you are interested in learning from a couple knowledgeable guys in the areas of internet business and freelance writing.

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4 Comments »Blogging, Freelance WritingAugust 9th, 2007

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