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Increase your Article Production

Imagine the potential success of your blog if you could churn out 25 or more blog posts per week. Most people, including myself, strive to post at least once per day. For me, the main reason that I do not post more is a lack of time. When my freelance writing workload is not taking up my entire day, I find it much easier to write more than one blog post.

If you are interested in increasing your article production there are many tips that you can follow. Through my years as a full-time freelance writer, I have found the following three tips to be most useful.

1. Set aside a block of time each day where you will do nothing but write. One of the main reasons for slow production is too many distractions. When you are writing blog posts you should be doing nothing else. This means no television, no radio, no checking email, and no checking traffic stats. If you can give yourself a couple hours of solid writing time each day, you will find out soon enough that you are producing more articles than you ever thought possible.

2. Not knowing what to write about can slow you down. To avoid this, keep a list of topics next to your computer at all times. Anytime that you think of a good blog post, write it down on your list. When it comes time to write, you can then choose a topic off and get started. This is much better than wasting time trying to come up with a topic that will suit your blog.

3. It is common sense that the faster you write the more articles you will produce. While you may struggle with fast thinking and typing at first, you will improve in both these areas as time goes by. Soon enough you will realize that you are writing at a faster pace, which will obviously give you more time to write each day.

These tips will definitely help you to increase your article production. But remember, you should never speed up if you think it is going to decrease the quality of your work. Even though it would be nice to post several articles to your blog each day, they all need to be of high quality.

All in all, your goal should be to produce as many articles as possible without compromising quality. With the three tips above, as well as plenty of practice, you will be well on your way to reaching this goal.

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