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Ignore Doubters

Judging by the emails that I receive on a regular basis, many of you guys and gals are dealing with doubters. As a freelance writer this is something that will never go away. I have been working in this capacity for many years, and from day one there have been doubters trying to get in the way. If this is happening to you the best advice I can give is simple: ignore all the negative comments being thrown your way. When it comes down to it, there is no reason to associate with people who are trying to bring you down.

Why do people doubt you and your career? Here are a couple common situations:

1. They don’t think freelance writers can make any money. Many people still believe that self-employed means unemployed. As any good freelancer knows, nothing is further from the truth. Most people who say that you cannot make money as a freelance writer are simply jealous that you are earning a living doing what you love. Ignore them and move on. You know that you are making a good living, and that is all that matters!

2. There is no work available, and too much competition to break in. Again, this is a common sentiment among those who know nothing about the freelance writing industry. This past week a couple members of my freelance writing course expressed that friends were telling them to give up their career because they have no chance of “making it.” Does that sound like a friend to you? I told these aspiring writers to hang in there, ignore the doubters, and continue to build their career. There is no right or wrong way of dealing with people who are doubting your decision to work as a freelance writer. Again, the best thing you can do is ignore them.

No matter where you stand as a freelance writer you are always going to be faced with doubters. Some of them will be fellow writers, some friends and family, and some outside sources that do not know you. Ignore doubters and their negative energy. You don’t want them to bring you down! 

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