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If your Marketing Plan Stalls

No matter what type of marketing plan you have in place, there will probably come a time when you lose confidence in it for one reason or the next. The question is: what are you going to do when your marketing plan stalls? Are you going to give up, or will you make the necessary changes to ensure that your freelance writing career continues to move in the right direction?

Here are three tips that you can quickly employ if your marketing plan is letting you down:

1. Pinpoint the problem. What was working before that is not working now? In addition to answering this question, you will also want to consider what has changed. For instance, you may conclude that you are not generating nearly as many leads via query letters. This may be the case for a number of reasons including the letter you are using, the target market, and in some cases, downright bad timing.

2. Your marketing plan should not rely on only one method of lead generation. Some freelance writers only attempt to generate work through cold emails. Is this a good way to find new clients? It can be. But you should not rely solely on this method. Instead, make sure that you are always using at least three methods of generating leads.

3. Crank up the heat. Your marketing plan may be stalling because you have let up a bit. If you are only make two cold calls per day, double this number and see where that gets you. In many cases, all it takes is a bit more hard work to see your marketing plan producing results once again.

If your marketing plan begins to stall, use the three tips above. They will help to get you back on track to generating more leads, more clients, and more income. 

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