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How to Respond to Potential Freelance Writing Clients

On most business days, I usually receive at least one email from a potential freelance writing client. Although not all of these turn into a project, it is always nice to see what people have to say and offer. If you are like me, you will want to take these inquiries very seriously. After all, you never know where your next client is going to come from.

It is very important that you know how to respond to a potential freelance writing client via email. While this is usually simple enough, I have seen how some writers correspond – and it is not pretty. Here are three tips that will help you to successfully answer an email from a potential client.

1. Carefully read the email that you received before doing anything else. In the past, I have been guilty of not doing this. I will browse a long email, and then shoot back a reply before knowing all the details. The end result is the client writing back asking the same questions as the first email; this makes the writer look bad. Do yourself a favor and always make sure that you know what is being asked of you before you respond. Some clients will simply want a price quote, and others will be ready to send upfront payment within the hour. You need to know what you are dealing with.

2. Even if the job is not up your alley, make sure that you are cordial with your reply. If you do not plan on taking the job, thank the person for their time and explain to them why you are passing. Remember, you never know when somebody will come back to you in the future. Of course, if the project sounds intriguing, you will want to be just as nice. It never hurts to be accommodating to everybody who gets in touch with you.

3. In addition to answering questions, ask any follow-ups that may be on your mind. It is better to get your questions answered sooner rather than later. This way, if the client does not agree with you on something, you can either compromise or move on. It is always better to move on early in the process; this way you do not lose too much time.

Once your initial reply is sent, you may correspond via email for a few days. As you know, some freelance writing clients move much slower than others. Every situation is different, and you need to be ready to deal with anything that comes your way.

For the most part, the three tips above should help you to successfully correspond via email with potential freelance writing clients.

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