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How to Increase your Energy Level

The more energy you have the more work you can get done; or at least that is the way I see things. Over the past few months I have been working hard to pinpoint ways to increase my energy level. Even though this is still a work in process, I have found three things that work for me.

1. Wake up early. When I wake up before the sun I always seem to have more energy. Sure, I may be a bit tired at the beginning of the day, the first 10 or so minutes, but after that I feel real good. This is not something that will work for every freelance writer, but at the very least you should give it a try.

2. Take breaks throughout the day. I do not like taking time away from my computer during the workday, but a few breaks here and there have done wonders for my overall level of energy. I usually take a quick break in the morning and afternoon, as well as a few minutes for lunch. When I return to my desk after a break I always feel like a new man.

3. Have a to-do list. What does this have to do with energy, you may ask? When I have a list that shows me the way I am always more energized. Maybe because I can chart my daily progress? Maybe because I can see an end in sight which motivates me to work harder? Whatever the reason it seems to be working.

If you are having a difficult time keeping up your energy level, try out the three tips above. They have worked for me over the past few months, and I am confident that they can do the same for you! 

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