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How to have Fun for Free

This is a guest post

After the long working week you probably aspire to have some fun during the weekends. But, the search for entertainment will usually cost you a pretty penny as the modern era tends to only offer you something fun in exchange of your hard-earned money.  The average working class hero barely has enough to live off month to month as it is without splurging their income on weekend activities. These days, if you do a little investigating, you can save money on everything from entertainment to travel and food to fitness. The writers over at have done a little bit of the research for you already so please enjoy the following tips on how to have fun for free:

Sneak previews of theater rehearsals

People enjoy seeing live plays at the peak of their hype on opening night, and many pay handsomely for the privilege. However, you can enjoy the same show before the show is set on stage, I’m talking about rehearsed readings. You can often watch dress rehearsals of popular shows a day or two before opening night. To get the details of what’s on offer at the moment you can contact theaters directly to inquire.

Expand your skills and knowledge.

If you look in the right places you can usually find a plethora of free to attend tours or workshops. You can check out community clubs or get in contact with your local council to see what is being offered to the public. Larger galleries will often arrange free workshops for young talents and even adults. You can plan a free tour to such workshops  and training courses where you’ll enrich your mind and meet some new interesting people too.

Be adventurous with free online games

Every person has a different perspective on what fun and entertainment is really about. But an increasingly number of people are now seeking out free online gaming  as one of the best free entertainment thrills worldwide. This can be a fantastic option for people willing to have hours of fun without paying a single penny. Available in a wide assortment, free online games are explored and played by gamers of all ages. With the full arrival of the digital information age, it is no longer a big deal for internet users to get free, limitless entertainment sources online.

Plan a camping trip or visit beautiful parkland
You can plan visits to national parks with family and friends who are willing to get out of the house and take in some fresh air and sunshine. The primary benefit of this is that this will cost you nothing whilst also nourishing your soul with stunning natural beauty. Camping can also be a great option to have great bonding experiences. Communities often arrange camping at cheap costs or offer free half-days where you can meet other like minded adventurers.

Borrow new CDs, movies and books

Go to your local public library and become a member to get new books for free. In most of the libraries, library cards are issued free of charge or very cheaply if not. You are free to enjoy an essentially unlimited supply of books from educational textbooks to the wildest fictions. In addition, a lot of libraries  will additionally provide free rental of CDs or movies too. Alternatively you could arrange communal swapping of your film and music collections with your friends to get more entertainment for free.

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