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How to find more Freelance Writing Clients next month

Many people are afraid of marketing their services because they think that they will fail. While it is true that you will have your setbacks from time to time, you should not get caught thinking like this. Instead, you should learn how to find more clients and then implement each strategy into your marketing plan.

Here are five ways that you can find more freelance writing clients next month. Believe it or not, it only takes a few weeks for a good marketing plan to kick in and begin to show results:

1. Contact clients that you worked with in the past. This is perhaps one of the best ways to obtain more work. While these may not be “new clients” they can help you to increase business and profits. And since you worked with them in the past, you know what you are getting yourself into.

2. Ask current freelance writing clients for referrals. Many freelancers are embarrassed of doing so, but you should never feel this way. Do not go overboard or become forceful when asking for referrals. Instead, explain your situation to current clients and ask if they could pass your name along when feasible. If a client loves the work that you do for them they will have no problem passing your name along to others.

3. Always keep your eyes open for jobs when browsing the internet. They can be found on job boards, classified sites, or through a basic email address on a random website. If you keep your eye opens for new opportunities, you may be surprised at what you find on a regular basis.

4. Have you tried getting in touch with local businesses? This is a great way to locate new clients in no time at all. In my experience, local businesses like to work with those in their area. You can use this as a hook, and as long as you have solid samples to back up your claims, there is a good chance of success.

5. Try different types of freelance writing. Have you been focusing mainly on website content? If so, getting involved with sales letters, feature articles, or other projects is a great way to expand your reach and hopefully find new clients.

Next month, why not put a lot of time into your marketing efforts? This can help you to increase your reach while also giving you the chance to earn more money. 

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