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How to Earn the Trust of your Clients

The most successful freelance writers earn the trust of every client. Is this something that you strive to do? If not, you should change your way. It is very important that every client trusts you. Sure, it can take some time to build this but over the long haul it should be a goal of yours.

Here are three ways to earn the trust of your clients:

1. Don’t disappear on them. Time after time I speak with clients that tell me horror stories about past contractors disappearing without a trace. If you take on a job make sure you are ready to complete it. To go along with this, don’t run and hide during the process. If a client calls or emails you, make sure you get back in touch with them as soon as possible.

2. Don’t skirt around questions. This goes along with number one above. To earn trust you need to be open and honest yourself. If a client asks a question of you answer it to the best of your ability. They may not like the answer, but at least you will show that you are being 100 percent honest. In return, you will probably get the same thing.

3. Meet every deadline. This goes without saying, but I am still surprised at how many freelance writers think it is a joke. If you agree to a deadline you need to do your best to meet it – no matter what it takes. Sure, there are times when you may need to request an extension but you do not want to make this a habit.

Have you found it easy to gain the trust of clients in the past? If so, stick with what you have been doing. On the other hand, if you have been struggling to succeed in this area you should fall back on the three tips above. 


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