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How to decide if you are ready for Full-time Freelance Writing

Are you ready for a full-time freelance writing career? Ah, what a difficult question to answer. This is a huge step in your life. Some people don’t think twice about moving forward full-time, but they are few and far between. Most people think long and hard about this decision.

To decide if you are ready, answer these questions:

1. How did you like working as a part-time freelance writer? If you enjoyed your experience and are earning money, you have a solid base for moving forward and taking on this career full-time. Most people work as a part-timer first to get a better idea of what they are up against.

2. Are you confident in your ability to earn a full-time income? Let’s be honest. You do not want to become a full-time freelance writer unless you can earn the income that goes along with working long hours. How much are you earning part-time? Do you have the ability to increase your income by working more hours? You definitely want to think about how much money you will need from a full-time freelance writing career to feel comfortable.

3. Will you enjoy yourself? The money and freedom are great benefits of being a freelance writer. But when it comes down to it, you must have a good time day after day. Sure, there are going to be rough spots along the way. Even though you are not going to enjoy every minute of your freelance writing career you must be confident that you will be happy the majority of the time.

Upon answering these three questions you should know once and for all if you are ready for full-time freelance writing. Don’t move forward until you are 100 percent confident in your decision.

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