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How to Avoid Lazy Spells

You never want to get labeled as a “lazy freelance writer.” And this is particularly something you want to avoid being called by clients. After all, if you are seen as lazy you are not going to achieve much success.

While it can be easy to settle in and become complacent from time to time, you do not want to become so lazy that it is hurting your career. If you feel this coming on, or you are already in this position, follow these tips:

1. Market your services in your downtime. You are going to feel most lazy when you do not have much to do. But as a freelance writer you can always find something that can keep you busy. One of the best things you can do during your spare time is market yourself to potential clients. This is one surefire way to end a lazy spell, and to bring in new work at the same time.

2. Keep in mind that you only get paid when you work. It is easy to be lazy when you work at 9-5 job because you will still get paid no matter what. But as a freelance writer the money only rolls in when you send quality work to your clients. If you want to get paid you better do your work.

3. Create your own projects. I strongly believe that all freelance writers should work on their own projects when they have time. For instance, I manage this blog as well as many others. In addition to writing, I also work on marketing, design, ad sales, etc. This can be a great way to not only stay busy, but to also earn some additional money.

If you are the type of freelance writer who is always running into lazy spells you should follow the above three tips.

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