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How one Freelance Writing Client can lead to another

Landing a new client is a big deal. Not only does this mean more work and more money, but you should realize that it can lead to even more clients. Believe it or not, one freelance writing client can lead to another in no time at all. And guess what? This train can continue rolling, time and time again.

Here are two ways that you can turn one client into another:

1. Call on companies in the same industry and explain what you are doing for others. For instance, maybe you took on a blogging job for a real estate company. Why not call other agencies in your area, explain your services, and see if you can sign them up as well? Once you have industry experience it is much easier to land additional clients.

2. Referrals. You should never be afraid to ask your current clients if they can refer you to others. You may be surprised at the payoff. Even if you do not realize it right now, many of your clients are well connected. The good thing is that a large number of them may be looking for a writer – this is where you come into play.

To become a successful freelance writer you need to market your services, day in and day out. The above is a form of marketing. That being said, you do not have to put in nearly as much time and effort. Instead, you are letting your current clients do a lot of the work for you. How does that sound?

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