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How many Hours are too many Hours?

When you sit down at your computer do you have any idea of how long you are going to work? While most freelance writers have a set schedule, others simply work until they can no longer take it. Before we go any further, keep this in mind: every freelance writer is different in terms of the number of hours they work, as well as how they approach their career.

Even if you do not believe it right now, there may come a time when you are working too many hours. This may sound like an impossibility, but it rings true soon enough for many freelance writers. Even though I try to avoid it, from time to time I begin to feel burnt out. This is usually directly attributed to working entirely too many hours.

How long is too long? Again, this is up to each individual writer. Most of the time I do not have any problem working eight hours a day – or more in many cases. Of course, this is just an average. If I work 10+ hour days for a couple weeks in a row, it goes without saying that taking some time off becomes very important.

As you work longer as a freelance writer you will get a better feel for how many hours you are comfortable with. Once you have an idea, it is easier to stay on track without going overboard.

Only you know how many hours are too many. Do your best to stay the course and avoid going overboard.

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