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How many Bosses do you have?

I read something interesting yesterday (although I don’t remember where): when you work as a freelance writer you have many bosses, not just one. This struck me as strange because I always preach about how you are the only boss when you work as a freelance writer. In my opinion, this statement holds true to a certain extent. But even then, I am not going to backtrack on what I have been teaching.

There are a couple of points that immediately come to mind:

1. You get to choose who you work with. In a 9 – 5 job your boss is your boss. You have no say-so. As a freelance writer you select your clients. If you are not getting along with somebody you can simply walk away without having to give up your entire income. For this reason, I find it simple to locate clients that don’t treat me like an employee but instead a partnership in their success.

2. The majority of my clients are interested in a good working partnership instead of a boss-employee relationship. Again, this goes along with being able to choose who you work with. If you find clients that will treat you right you don’t have to worry about being bossed around and having a miserable time as you complete the work at hand.

It is easy to see where people are coming from when they say that freelance writers have more than one boss. Of course, this is all depends on how you perceive each client relationship. I prefer to partner with clients than to work solely for them as an “employee-like” figure. What do you think about this? Any comments would be helpful.


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2 Comments »Freelance WritingAugust 19th, 2009

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