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How Low will you Go?

As a freelance writer, you must know exactly how much you charge for specific jobs. On top of this, it is every bit as important to stick to your guns. There is nothing wrong with negotiating, but “going too low” is a mistake that you will only make once.

Last week, I was knocked off my chair after reading a message from a potential “client.” Without copying the email word for word, here were some highlights:

· Articles should be at least 500 words long.

· Must write at least five articles per day.

· Payment of $1 per 500 words.

Do any of these points stick out in your mind? While the first two are reasonable enough in most cases, the third detail is a bit perplexing.

As you can imagine, I never responded to the email and simply moved on. There is nothing wrong with doing whatever you can to make money as a freelance writer, but taking on this type of project is not going to get you anywhere.

You need to know your “minimum wage” and stick to it, no matter how much it hurts at times. If you don’t, you could find yourself writing for hours on end just to earn a couple of dollars.

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