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How long to make Money as a Freelance Writer?

Most people don’t become freelance writers because of how much fun it is – even though this is true. Instead, they want to have a good time while also making a living. This leads to the question of how long it takes to make money as a freelance writer. Before I go any further, keep this in mind: making money means something different to everybody. How much I earn may not be enough for somebody else and vice versa.

How long it will take you to make money depends on many factors. In my first month as a freelance writer I only pulled in $52. While this was worrisome on some levels, it also showed me that the potential to earn more was waiting for me. The next month I cracked $2k and continued to grow from there. So as you can see, it only took me one month to make money as a freelance writer. But it actually took a bit longer than that to bring in a substantial sum.

Be patient. I know some freelance writers who began to make four figures after only a few weeks. I know others who struggled for quite some time, six months or more, before things began to pick up. If you are going to work as a freelance writer you must be patient. Good things, including money, are sure to come your way soon enough. But if you want to be around to see it, you must exercise an extreme amount of patience.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you that you will begin to make money as a freelance writer in “x and x” amount of time – this is not possible. There are too many factors that go into how much you will earn, when the money will begin to come in, etc. The one thing I can say is this: you can earn a full-time income as a freelance writer if you are devoted and patient. 

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