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How long should I stick with my Freelance Writing Career?

This is a difficult topic to approach because every freelance writer is different in their own way. One person may be able to build their freelance writing career for many months before moving onto something else. Another may only have a couple weeks to get up and running. How long you should stick with your freelance writing career is up to you and you alone. That being said, I want to give some basic advice to ensure that you do not give up on yourself too early in the process.

First things first, you need to be realistic when starting your freelance writing career. If you go into the process hoping to make $10k/month right away you are going to be disappointed soon enough. It is important that you set realistic short term goals, as well as long term goals that will keep you working day after day.

Before you give up on your career as a freelance writer you need to ask yourself one question: why am I doing this? If you do not have a good reason you may be making the wrong decision. For some, giving up on freelance writing is a necessity because they need money now. For others, giving up is a result of not liking the work they are doing. If you have a good reason you can at least be confident that you made the right decision.

In my opinion, entirely too many people give up on freelance writing too soon. During my first month as a writer I earned $52. While it would have been easy to give up at that time, I forged ahead and everything quickly settled into place.

Only you know how long you are willing to stick with your freelance writing career. Just remember that quitting too soon could end up being a decision you regret. 

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