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How important are your Eyes?

To be a successful blogger or freelance writer you need a wide variety of tools, skills, and attributes. This includes everything from top notch writing skills to the ability to market your work or blog. But with that being said, do you ever think about the other things that help you to succeed? I had an eye doctor appointment this morning, and it really got me thinking about just how important my eyes are.

Although there is nothing major wrong with my eyes, they are getting a bit worse due to using the computer for too many hours each day; which is sometimes 12 hours or more. This may not be a big deal right now, but over time things could get worse. I started thinking, what would I do if I were blind?

First off, I know that I would no longer be able to write for a living. Even though blind people can do extraordinary things, I don’t think that I would be able to continue with my current line of work. And as you can imagine, this would be just about the worst thing that could happen. Anybody who is passionate about their job will agree that taking it away would be a huge blow to their lifestyle.

I always thought that all I had to do was keep my contacts clean, and go to the eye doctor once a year. But today, I found out that this is not the case. Generally speaking, I need to use my glasses when working at the computer, and only wear my contacts when I am away from the office. If this is going to keep my eyes healthy, I have no problem with it at all. It is better to be safe than sorry; especially when my health and career are on the line.

Remember, your eyes are not something that you should take for granted. Even though you may never think about it, without your eyes, your days of using the computer for blogging and/or writing will probably be over. 

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2 Comments »GeneralJuly 5th, 2007

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