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How hard do you sell your Services?

Many of you have expressed that you feel “silly” selling your freelance writing services. Some have even said that they feel like a used car salesman. Although this sounds funny, it is a major problem if you are in this frame of mind. The way that you sell your freelance writing services is very important. If you are afraid of doing so for one reason or the next, you are only hurting yourself.

There is a fine line between selling your freelance writing services and going overboard. On one side, you should have a marketing plan. With this in hand you can move step by step until you see what works for you. If you put together a quality marketing plan you will never have to worry about going overboard when it comes to selling your services.

What does it mean to sell your services too hard? Some freelance writers feel they are pushing themselves on clients or coming across as somebody who is begging for work. While you would have to go pretty far for this to happen, it is more than possible. For instance, if a buyer tells you that they are going a different direction you should leave well enough alone for the time being. You may think that you are the best person for the job, and maybe you are right. But remember, you are not the one doing the hiring. You should always put your best foot forward, but at some point in time you need to realize that backing off is in your best interest.

Don’t get be wrong. I strongly believe that you should market and sell your services day in and day out. On the same token I also believe you need to watch that you don’t push too hard. There is no reason to feel strange when talking about what you offer, and showing clients what you can do for them. But if you begin to feel that you are taking things too far, this is when you need to step back and let the process run its course.

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