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How are you getting paid?

If you are completing jobs for clients you want to get paid, right? Even though there are many options for receiving payment, some freelancers have a difficult time deciding which one is right for them. In fact, I get more questions about this than just about any other topic.

So, how are you getting paid? There are three methods that I have used time and time again over the years. All of them are perfectly acceptable, although you may be more interested in one or another:

1. PayPal. In my opinion, this is the best way for freelance writers to get paid – especially when working with web based clients. The great thing about PayPal is the speed and efficiency with which you can receive payment. The only downside is that some of your profits will fly out the window by way of PayPal fees. That being said, I have found the fees to be quite fair for the service provided.

2. Check. Many of my clients pay via check. With this option you have to wait a big longer for payment, and once received you will need to head for the bank. That being said, there are no fees involved which means you get to keep every dime that you earn.

3. Bank wire. This is nowhere near as common as the two options detailed above. That being said, I have two clients that use this on a regular basis. All they needed was some basic information from me, such as my bank account and routing number, in order to get started. While this makes payment quick, keep one thing in mind: your bank may charge you a fee for sending and receiving wires. You may want to check on this before agreeing to this form of payment.

I know that this is a very basic topic. Most freelance writers know how to get paid, as well as which method they prefer. Try to be fair to both you and the client when working out payment details. The majority of the time you will be able to settle on something that is mutually beneficially.

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