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Hiring Bloggers

Even though I am a freelance writer, I do not have much experience with hiring others to work for me in this capacity. In the past I have hired programmers and designers, but it is not often that I look for other writers or bloggers. After all, if I have a job that needs done I will usually find a way to complete the task on my own.

I have found myself at a point where I am interested in hiring bloggers to help with some of my workload. Over the next few months I plan on starting quite a few new blogs, and with my current work, getting outside help is going to be essential.

There are several things I am going to look for when hiring bloggers. Three of the most important details are listed below.

1. Ideally, I would like to hire bloggers who have some prior knowledge of the topic they will be writing about. While researching online is fine, finding bloggers with a passion for the subject matter would be great.

2. I need bloggers who can devote enough time each day to writing for their given blog. This should not be much of a problem because I will only be asking for five posts per week of somewhere between 400 and 600 words.

3. Payment is the final detail that I will discuss with bloggers who I am hoping to hire. This is a touchy subject because I want to pay a reasonable rate, but at the same time, I need to keep my expenses under control in the early stages of each blog. I will probably offer several payment options to each blogger, and then see where things go from there.

Now for the fun stuff. If you are interested in helping out as a blogger, send me a quick email with some information about your experience, favorite topics, and how much you would charge per post. Hopefully I will be able to find several qualified candidates so that I do not have to write all the content on my own. After all, I do need to sleep from time to time!

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11 Comments »BloggingSeptember 18th, 2007

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